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BULK Herbal Tea SOS Women | Hormonal disorders

$ 171.99

This exceptional blend has been developed to help the proper functioning of the female hormone system. The chosen plants are fortifying, astringent and rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps to maintain the balance of women of all ages, whether for reduce premenstrual or pre-menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood swings, light sleep, and anxiety.

  • Help with the balance of the hormonal system
  • PMS or menstrual pain
  • Pre-menopause, hot flashes


Yarrow*, raspberry bush*, ortie*, sage*, Red clover*. *Certified organic


Hot or cold infusion (refrigerate the day before to drink the next day):

1 c. per cup, infuse 10-15 minutes.

    Blend designed and developed by Valérie Pelletier, certified herbalist-naturopath.

    Ask your pharmacist if you are taking any medication. This product may not be suitable for you.

    Cons-indications: Pregnant or nursing women. May interact with synthetic diuretic drugs or anticoagulants or anovulants. Could alter the absorption of anxiolytic, anti-depressant, sedative or hypnotic drugs.


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