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Tru Earth - Balles de Laine pour le Séchage (4) - Passion Herbale

Tru Earth Wool Drying Balls (4)

$ 19.95
- Set of 4 Balls of Wool for Drying from New Zealand 100% organic
Softens laundry naturally - Made with 100% sheep wool. No chemicals or synthetics used (ideal for sensitive skin and babies)
Reduces drying time - (use 3-4 balls for small / medium loads, 5-6 for large)
Saves energy - by absorbing moisture, drying time is reduced saving energy
Extra Large (larger than a tennis ball) eco-friendly, handmade, save energy
Lasts over 1000 uses, replaces dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners, saves money. (An environmentally friendly, petroleum-free alternative to plastic steam dryer balls)

Introducing premium quality 100% organic New Zealand wool dryer balls by Tru Earth

Most dryer manufacturers do not recommend using dryer sheets because they can damage your dryer over time. Finally, you can stop using liquid or sheet fabric softeners which are bad for our planet and can harm your health.

Tru Earth Balls of Wool for Drying
 are all natural, help soften your clothes, save you money by reducing energy consumption, and are environmentally friendly. Durably made from 100% premium New Zealand wool, these Balls of Wool soften clothes, sheets, blankets, towels, jackets, baby clothes and more. Using a Dryer Ball also prevents heavy items from wrinkling and tangling, allowing your clothes to dry more evenly.

Save time, energy, money and reduce your carbon footprint

- Wool Dryer Balls help improve air circulation in the dryer while absorbing moisture. This reduces drying time  energy consumption and the electricity bill.
- Each Ball can be reused for more than 1 dryings and extend the life of your clothes.
Prevents static adhesion
- The balls are fully natural and hypoallergenic without chemicals or synthetics.
Perfect for babies or other family members with sensitive or allergic skin.