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Gentle Awakening Herbal Tea - Herbal Passion
Gentle Awakening Herbal Tea - Herbal Passion
Gentle Awakening Herbal Tea - Herbal Passion

Gentle waking herbal tea

$ 7.99

These organic medicinal plants have been selected for you bring energy, without creating an uncomfortable "boost" comparable to coffee. You will feel an increase in your metabolism as well as an improvement in your ability to concentrate. Perfect for a dynamic day!

  • Give energy
  • Increases metabolism (facilitates memorization & digestion)
  • Improves concentration ability


Yerba Maté : drink warning us from South America. Gives mental and physical energy Tonic and stimulant, it is a source of minerals and vitamins. It contains caffeine, but it is assimilated gently by the body: you will feel your energy slowly rise and then it will remain a few hours to go down slowly.

Rosemary : increases the ability of mental focus. Helps to refocus to be successful.

Sweet mint : refreshing, she helps us to leave our day. Recognized to stimulate digestion.

Lemon : rich in antioxidants, it alkalinizes the body.

Indian verbena : it soothes mental fatigue and helps digestive disorders.

Yerba Mate *, rosemary *, sweet mint *, lemon *, verbena *. *Certified organic


Hot or cold infusion (refrigerate the day before to drink the next day):

1 c. per cup, infuse 10-15 minutes.

Ask your pharmacist if you are taking any medication. This product may not be suitable for you.

Cons-indications: Pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as young children. Could increase blood pressure in some people. Avoid if you take medication for heart or pressure.