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Relaxing Herbal Tea - Herbal Passion
Relaxing Herbal Tea - Herbal Passion
Relaxing Herbal Tea - Herbal Passion

Relaxing herbal tea

$ 7.99

Brings relaxation to find a deep and recuperative sleep. A perfect balance between coriander digestive and antistress, lemon balm soothing and slightly lemony, elderberry slightly acid and fortifying, alkalizing chamomile, and oats flowering, nourishing.

  • Help to find a deep sleep and recuperator.
  • Antistress natural because alkalizes the body
  • Nourishes the central nervous system thanks to plants rich in calcium and magnesium


oat : nutritious plant, it is rich in calcium and vitamin B, so strengthening for the nervous system. It soothes stress and nervousness, helps during hormonal imbalance and treats exhaustion.

melissa : soothing at the digestive and mental level (stops turning the "hamster"!). She treats depression, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and even memory and concentration problems.

elderberry : works on the immune sphere by strengthening our internal forces. A strong and healthy organization can more easily relax.

Coriander : antistress par excellence. It helps with physical and mental digestion. It prevents ruminating.

Chamomile : helps with insomnia. It is rich in calcium, so invigorating and alkalizing. Taking herbal tea, it soothes skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, acne ...)

Oats *, lemon balm *, elderberry (berries) *, coriander *, German chamomile *. *Certified organic

Instructions for use <strong> </ strong>

Hot or cold infusion (refrigerate the day before to drink the next day):

1 c. per cup, infuse 10-15 minutes.

Ask your pharmacist if you are taking any medication. This product may not be suitable for you.

Cons-indications: Pregnant or nursing women. May interact with coagulant or sedative drugs. Avoid if you have hypothyroidism.


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