Refreshing Purifying Herbal Tea
Refreshing Purifying Herbal Tea
Refreshing Purifying Herbal Tea - Passion Herbale

Refreshing Purifying Herbal Tea

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Do you feel bloated? The perfect herbal tea to help flush an overflow! It contains aromatic herbs known to help digestion. You will find a feeling of well-being.

This herbal tea brings many benefits:

  • aromatic tasty plants
  • easier digestion
  • feeling of well-being

Mixture of organic dried medicinal plants without caffeine.


    • Calendula and dandelion: known to help digestion.
    • Cardamom, peppermint and oregano : digestive aromatic plants.
    • Marshmallow : recognized as emollient and softening.

    Ingredients: Calendula *, cardamom *, marshmallow *, peppermint *, oregano *, dandelion. *Certified organic


    Hot or cold infusion (refrigerate the day before to drink the next day):

    1 c. per cup, infuse 10-15 minutes.

    Ask your pharmacist, doctor or other healthcare professional if you are taking any medication. This product may not be suitable for you.

    Cons-indications: Pregnant or nursing women. May interact with diuretic drugs or anticoagulants or antacids or diabetes or blood pressure. To avoid if you suffer from stones gallbladder.

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