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Tisane Digestive - Passion Herbale
Tisane Digestive - Passion Herbale
Tisane Digestive - Passion Herbale

Digestive herbal tea

$ 7.95

This perfect blend promotes digestion at all times or after a hearty meal. Excellent taste, it will soothe any digestive problem, such as bloating, flatulence, nausea, liver engorgé. It helps the regularity of intestinal transit.


oat : this nutritious plant soothes the nervous system and the digestive system for better digestion.

Chamomile : it regulates the pH and is anti-inflammatory par excellence.

Hibiscus: mild laxative, it acts against the stomach pains.

melissa : anti-stress plant, antispasmodic (calms intestinal spasms), useful for calming digestive problems.

Sweet mint and peppermint : digestive plants par excellence, helps digest fat.

Horsetail : remineralizing, it fights the internal acidity.

oat*, camomile*, hibiscus*, melissa*, sweet mint*, pepper mint*, horsetail**Certified organic


 Hot or cold infusion (refrigerate the day before to drink the next day):

1 c. per cup, infuse 10-15 minutes.


Ask your pharmacist if you are taking any medication. This product may not be suitable for you. 

Cons-indications: Pregnant or nursing women. May interact with coagulant medications or high blood pressure. Avoid if you have hypothyroidism.