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Miracle Ointment | Biodegradable

$ 10.99

The Miracle Winter Outdoor Ointment is offered in a convenient tube format to meet all your family's needs! It clings to clothes and your keychain.

Composed of 7 medicinal plants known for their therapeutic virtues, Miracle ointment can be applied to any skin problem to promote healing.

  • Promotes cellular regeneration, prevents the appearance of scars
  • Blurs pain and burning sensation
  • Reduces swelling and itching from bites or wounds
  • Excellent vaginal lubricant, it increases the pleasure!

Its sweet smell of lavender and honey (thanks to beeswax) will comfort you.


Clean and disinfect the wound with soapy water. Use the ointment directly on cracks, cracks, wounds, minor cuts, burns, bites, itching or sunburn. Cover with a bandage as needed. Renew as often as possible. Can be used on all mucous membranes: nasal, oral, vaginal, anal, ocular, auricular ... Consult a doctor if necessary.


Olive oil maceration with plantain *, comfrey *, calendula *, mauve *, St. John's Wort *, oregano * and peppermint, beeswax *, Vitamin E, true lavender essential oil *. * Certified organic

Health Canada Registration: 322512


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