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Natural loofah | whole

$ 13.95
Vegetable sponge completely natural, it is renewablebiodegradable et compostable!

Loofah is a vegetable cultivated in the East, from the squash family. The loofah requires a period of nine months of sunlight to reach maturity and dry.

Wet it, its texture changes and softens and it is perfect for multiple uses:

- For personal hygiene: Cut a length of about 8 cm. Wet the loofah and use it alone or with soap or gel.

- For fruits and vegetables: Use it to clean your fruits and vegetables.

- For cleaning and dishes: Perfect for cleaning! It will not scratch stainless steel or non-stick coatings but is very effective at loosening dirt!

Whatever use you make of it, loofah can be washed regularly in the machine and in the dishwasher.

Duration of the loofah plus or minus 4 months.
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