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Chamomile soothing lotion - Passion Herbale

Chamomile soothing lotion

$ 24.99

Perfect for sensitive and dry skin, lacking hydration. Calms all types of redness.

Perfectly balanced mixture of flower hydrosols and soothing plant extracts, with the sweet smell of chamomile.

  • Tonifies the skin.
  • Increases the resistance of the capillaries and regulates the permeability.
  • Brightens complexion and tightens skin pores

Without sulphates - without parabens - without synthetic dyes - without synthetic perfume - without mineral oil - without soap - without alcohol


INCI ingredients:
Matricaria recutita flower water *, Lavender angustifolia flower water *, Tanacetum parthenium flower extract *, Eschscholzia californica Cham. Flower extract *, Matricaria recutita oil *, Citrus bergamis oil *, Lavender angustifolia oil *.
* Certified organic / Certified organic

Texture | tips

Apply the lotion after cleaning the face. It will help prepare the skin to receive the cream. Its sweet and floral smell will charm you.

Manual : Shake before use. Spray the lotion directly on the face and neck after cleaning. It can also imbibe a cotton that passes on face and neck, morning and evening.

Product history

Finally a soothing lotion for all types of redness or itching.


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