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Massage oil | Scentless

$ 19.99


Oil macerated with the calendula for a maximum of therapeutic virtues. With argan oil and rose hip, which helps to heal and firm the skin.

  • Balanced formula that facilitates sliding throughout the massage
  • High content of argan & rose hip oils: promote healing, cellular regeneration and have anti-wrinkle properties
  • Without any scented essential oils, you add the ones you want

Nourishes your skin and slides well during the massage, without odor.

You can add the essential oils you want, according to your needs.


Apply a small amount of oil and warm it in your hands before performing the massage.

Do not leave a greasy film on the skin as a result of the massage. Do not stain the sheets and do not penetrate too quickly to give the time to do the manipulations of the massage


Canola oil macerate (from Quebec!) Calendula *, argan oil *, rose hip oil *, Vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract, antioxidant extract of rosemary. *Certified organic