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Beard oil - nourishing and antibacterial

$ 19.99

A creamy and light beard oil composed of vegetable oils that will make the man's beard well hydrated. With a warm and vibrant smell at the height of all types of beards. Helping to soften the hair of the beard, it will also be well absorbed by the skin.

Active Ingredients:

Jojoba: restores suppleness to the skin

Sunflower: emollient and moisturizing, antibacterial

Argan : anti-wrinkle and regenerative

vetiver : healing and anti-pigment spots

Vitamin E : natural preservative and healing

The little story of this product:

We wanted to get an oil that lustered the hair of the beard while bringing a smell that leaves no one indifferent. This is the essential beard oil for the urban man of today.

Health Canada Registration: 3296269


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