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Déodorant Jasmin Orange Argile | Peau sensible - Passion Herbale
Déodorant Jasmin Orange Argile | Peau sensible - Passion Herbale

Jasmine Orange Clay Deodorant | Sensitive skin

$ 14.95

This deodorant is perfect for people with sensitive skin or those who react to baking sodabecause it does not contain. Its unique formula based onclay and zinc oxide without nanoparticles helps keep it dry without inconvenience. Its improved formula is more creamy and easy to spread.

  • Without baking soda
  • Aluminum free
  • Sensitive skin
  • Moisture protection


 White clay : absorbs and controls odors

 Orange : meets the needs of the body

 Coconut butter : moisture protection

INCI ingredients:

Beeswax / Cera alba, Shea butter / Butyrospermum parkii butter *, Coconut butter / Cocos nucifera oil *, Kaolin, Zinc oxide / Zinc oxide, Ylang Ylang / Cananga odorata flower oil *, Jasmin / Jasminum grandiflorum oil, Orange / Citrus aurantium dulcis *. * certified organic / organic certified 

#NPC: 3296364

Product history 

We have had feedback from our customers that they cannot find an effective natural deodorant for their sensitive skin. Sometimes some people may react to baking soda by seeing redness in the armpits. That's why we worked for 1 year to formulate the Jasmin Orange deodorant based on clay. Suitable for all sensitive and delicate skin. 



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