Soothing Muscle Sap Cream - Passion Herbal
Soothing Muscle Sap Cream - Passion Herbal

Soothing Muscle Soothing Cream

$ 19.99

This moisturizing body cream is made from extracts of medicinal plants with natural anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a muscle, joint and nervous relaxant. Perfect before a sports activity to prevent muscle tension or lactic acid accumulation, or after to relieve.

Active Ingredients:

St. John's Wort: relaxes muscles, relieves pain and reduces inflammation

White pine: natural pain reliever

Rosemary: soothes the pain and relaxes

Wood tea: natural anti-inflammatory

Eucalyptus: muscle and joint relaxant

The little story of this product:

I worked for many years before arriving at this cream! I wanted an effective natural anti-inflammatory cream, which would not be greasy with the application and with a not too strong smell. It was when I tried the combination of St. John's Wort maceration with white pine and rosemary that I found the formula perfectly balanced.

Health Canada Registration: 322517

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