Body Moisturizer - Hands & Feet - Passion Herbal
Body Moisturizer - Hands & Feet - Passion Herbal

Body Moisturizer - Hands & Feet

$ 16.99

This moisturizing cream is designed for both hands and feet, as well as the whole body. It regenerates dry skin, prevents the horn and removes the feeling of heaviness. The refreshing scent of peppermint and rosemary with just the touch of lavender pleases everyone.

Active Ingredients:

Plantain: Cell regenerator, excellent moisture and odor absorbent

comfrey : healing and regenerative, it restructures the epidermis

Calendula : antifungal and retructuring

Pepper mint : anti-fatigue

Lavender : natural anti-inflammatory

shea : stops the horn and moisturizes the dry skin

The little story of this product:

While working on the development of this cream, I absolutely wanted to get a light texture but with all the virtues of a rich moisturizer. That's why I selected 3 extracts of my medicinal plants healing, regenerative and restructuring virtues to prolong the hydration without leaving any greasy film unpleasant. I am very proud of this cream and our customers love it!

Health Canada Registration: 324933


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