Ginger Anti-Cellulite Cream - Passion Herbal

Anticellulite cream Ginger tonic

$ 16.99

This body moisturizer is made from extracts of medicinal plants with draining lymphatic properties. It also activates the blood circulation which promotes the evacuation of toxins causing cellulite.

Active Ingredients:

Ginger: activates the blood and lymphatic circulation

Ground ivy, sage : Firms the skin, removes cellulite and fades stretch marks

shea : stops the horn and moisturizes the dry skin

The little story of this product:

I wanted to create a warming moisturizer that would help smooth the skin. The choice of plants with draining qualities is not huge, I selected the most effective. In 3 cure months, with Detoxifying herbal tea in the morning and purifying herbal tea in the evening, we can do real miracles!

Health Canada Registration: 324929