Shower gel | Lavender & Jasmine

Shower gel | Lavender & Jasmine

$ 14.99

Soothing and hydrating shower gel that repairs dry skin.

  • Repairs dry skin.
  • Gives the skin a healthier appearance.


A relaxing shower gel with the sublime scent of lavender and jasmine flowers, perfect for sensitive skin.


Coconut oil *, vegetable glycerin, lauryl glucoside (a natural derivative of coconut), decyl glucoside (a natural derivative of coconut), coco glucoside (natural derivative of coconut), essential oils of lavender *, rosewood * and jasmine extract.

* Certified organic / Certified organic

Product history

After releasing several new soaps, we wanted to meet the need of our customers who like shower gel rather than bar soaps. The texture is silky and the smell is delicate.

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