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Treatments offered

Facials and body care

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Body care

Let yourself be lulled by one of our relaxing treatments.
Hand care | Manicure

Gives hands a silky appearance and smoothness. This treatment includes nail preparation, cuticle care, exfoliation (scrub) and hydration (mask) of the hands, followed by a hand massage and the application of a 100% natural organic varnish ( optional).

Foot care | Complete specific

A more specific need to be filled, abundant callus, ingrown toenails, let yourself be pampered by the same fact, while enjoying a complete foot care, that is to say a concentration on the health of the nails and a maximum of withdrawal of the horn, exfoliation with grapefruit exfoliation and massage if end time allows.

Foot care | Foot beauty

Restores all their softness and beauty to the feet. This treatment includes nail preparation, callus reduction, exfoliation (scrub) and hydration (mask), followed by a foot massage and the application of a 100% natural organic varnish.

Body | Complete back care

Your treatment will include cleaning, exfoliation, extraction, back massage and the application of products adapted to your needs.

Supreme hydration exfoliating body treatment

While removing dead cells, the sugar body scrub activates blood circulation and removes toxins. The composition of organic oils contained in the preparation nourishes and hydrates the epidermis in depth, while leaving your skin ultra soft.
Are you interested in this treatment? Let us know at info@passionherbale.ca

Express light leg treatment

Show off legs with an effect of lightness! A draining massage will be performed with our superb exfoliant starting from your feet and going up to the knees, while applying pressure upwards to activate blood circulation. A massage will assist with an alternation of hot and cold stones which will provide you with deep well-being and an instant sensation of lightness. Perfect treatment for an après-ski

Teeth whitening

to come up

100% natural

All the beauty institute treatments were made with our 100% natural and cruelty-free products. Manufactured here at Québec since 2012.


Our experienced beautician practice for over 20 years. Its softness will charm you in addition to its special attention to your comfort.

Warm environment

Discover our treatment rooms adapted to our services. A perfect atmosphere for relaxation and pampering high quality