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About us



It all started when my first child was born, Olivier in September of the year 2003. My son was making little pimples that I was worried about. Like all new parents, I made an appointment with the doctor to come out with a prescribed cream containing cortisone, without knowing the source that caused these pimples and irritations.


Studies in Herbalism

It's there that the call of the heart was heardto design natural products that take care of skin problems while working to solve the cause of the problem. That's when I started my studies in herbalism, which for me, would complement my academic profile in pure traditional sciences and conventional laboratory methods.


2e child

Then came my second child in 2006, Eliane, who was having severe breathing problems and intense eczema patches. By combining a healthy diet, a few daily herbs and the first version of the Miracle Ointment, she went to her first birthday with a radiant skin and a working breathing system!


3e child

Why not share all these wonderful products and knowledge with others? From there was born my third child: my Passion Herbale business!

This is the mission of Passion Herbale: to make 100% natural products, based on medicinal plant macerates offered by nature itself to treat more than the skin problem. The ingredients in our product line are part of our diet, so they are safe for our skin.


Herbal Passion

Today, we are increasingly aware of the preservatives and harmful ingredients used in conventional cosmetics. In the same way as those used in processed products sold at the grocery store. We are making important changes to better eat and these also include the products we apply to our skin. That's why our Passion Herbale products are as fresh and natural as if you made them yourself.