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Pollution and use of products derived from petroleum derivatives, perfumes or other harmful substances have a direct impact on the health of the body and that of our planet. We face important and problematic situations due to these factors. Choosing 100% natural cosmetics as well as changing our drinking habits then becomes a priority if we want to make a difference to our body and the planet.

At Passion Herbale, we are aware of the detrimental effects of oil exploitation. We are concerned about the long-term impact on our planet. But above all, we are involved to make a change.

100% natural, what does that mean?

To qualify as a 100% Natural cosmetics company means that we use ingredients from nature; and that for the sake of transparency, they are all written, none are hidden. The choice of our ingredients is made strategically to offer the best quality possible. No perfumes, oil derivatives or irritating preservatives for the skin are used. We will never change our way of working because our primary goal is to create products that will make the difference for you as much as for the planet.