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Test pour déterminer votre type de peau à la maison

Test to determine your skin type at home

Choosing Passion Herbal is not just about using natural skin products, it's also about choosing results that last. It is a skin that will not be able to do without it thanks to the quality of each product! That's why we have concocted face sets for different types of skin. 

To determine your skin type, we have prepared a test that you can do at home with a single adhesive paper.

Steps :

  1. Your skin must be clean, dry, free of all make-up and cream. To do this, wash your face and wait at least 1 hour before taking the test so that your skin has resumed its texture.


  1. Apply a strip of clear adhesive tape (Scotch tape) across the cheeks and nose, then carefully remove it and observe the result under good lighting.


Returns  :

- if the ribbon has small white particles, the skin is slimming.

- if the ribbon has an oily, stained screen, the skin is oily.

- if the tape is covered with white particles in the cheeks and an oily screen on the nose, the skin is mixte.

- if the ribbon has no particles or oily screen, the skin is normal.

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Caroline Voyer at

I would like to know if your products can be used by a 13 year old teenager? If so, what do you recommend? He has beautiful skin, but begins to have pimples (forehead especially near the scalp, nose and chin), the presence of blackheads very difficult to remove. Her skin is not very oily. I would say he has combination skin.
Thank you very much!

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