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Redness or sensitive skin?

Why do some of us have redness on the face and some do not?

Experts agree that these rashes are mostly due to hypersensitivity of the facial skin.

If you experience one or more of the following conditions:

  • feeling ofoverheating
  • reaction to several products commercial cosmetics
  • your nose is red
  • you have some small redness on the cheeks who do not seem to want to fade
  • you have a diagnosis of rosacea
Rich Birch Passion Cream

Your skin asks for adapted care which will reduce these rednesses and affections.
This hypersensitivity causing redness is actually a hyper-reactivity of blood capillaries, which react by dilating to give apparent redness. What is important in this case is to opt for a facial care that will decrease inflammation and improve the quality of peripheral blood circulation without exciting it.Here are the solutions to limit the appearance of redness and their extent:Opt for a Gentle cleanser daily that will soothe your redness. The Cleansing milk Camomile & Honey has been designed for sensitive and fragile skin. Chamomile is an antiseptic plant and anti-inflammatoryit cleans deeply and soothes redness.

Chamomile milk & honey

Apply morning and evening our day cream Rich Birch Powder (for ultra dry and sensitive skin, perfect for the winter period). You can opt for the version PassionLightweight if your skin is a little less dry. The rich scent of birch with palmarosa, bergamot, geranium and petitgrain offers a high-performance healing action, an ability to reduce redness and regenerate the epidermis.

If afterwards during the day or at night, you feel twinge and burning sensation, you can use in addition, theMiracle Ointment which will reduce this discomfort by soothing the redness and irritation.

If you are a person who likes them outdoor activitiesyou can apply the Protective baton just before your release and you will see your skin all the more protected, therefore less reactive.All these products contain medicinal plants and ingredients rich in Fatty acids, which will help your skin to rebuild itself to fully play its role of protective barrier against external aggressions.What can you do in addition to choosing our good products?The genetic predisposition, as well as the clear and fragile skin are among the imponderables but it is possible to diminish the effects.

Other factors favor or aggravate these rednesses, and this is where it is possible to intervene in terms of prevention.

  • The sudden temperature changes. Spend the day in the cold and sit back in front of a fire. Or the opposite, spend time under the hot sun and return to the air conditioning. Or, saunas or steam rooms ...!
  • The very hot spicy food and alcohol aggravate these symptoms, so they are to be avoided. Opt for foods with a refreshing effect, such as greenery, nuts or other being rich in Omega 3.
  • Some conventional cosmetics contain ingredients that prevent the skin from doing its protective work. They can be irritants and aggravate your redness. It is read the ingredients and avoid them.

You have the power to choose what you apply on your skin, choose the best for it!

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