Recipient of a federal grant

Recipient of a federal grant

We are proud to announce that we have received a grant, as part of the Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs, offered by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

The proposed project involved the development of the international market through the improvement of our website, the implementation of processes that are as close as possible to zero waste, the increase of our production capacity, and above all, by the creation of new jobs within the company.

You have to be honest: it is really not easy to start a business when you are located in a remote region! Not only must you have a solid back, like any entrepreneur, but you must also have an imagination that is out of the ordinary!

And this is what Valérie Pelletier and her team have been able to do: find extraordinary solutions to attract customers to their products.

Passion Herbale is a small natural cosmetics manufacturing company located in Sutton, a small town of 4000 inhabitants. We design all-natural therapeutic products of exceptional quality. One of our challenges is to expand our customer base beyond our region, and push us to go out and talk about us around the world if we want to survive. We owe it to ourselves to have competitive prices despite high production costs (artisanal production based on high quality organic ingredients, and freshly harvested and macerated medicinal plants) and expensive transport costs, both for the shipping of our packages only for the receipt of goods from our suppliers.

Despite all these challenges, the company that started 12 years ago, has been on the main street of Sutton since 3 years. It has a team of 5 employees and knows how to stand out from the competition thanks to its exceptional service, the superior quality of its products and its innovative system of refill bags offered for most of its 100 products!

For more than 3 years, the Passion Herbale team works to find solutions so that its customers can reuse its containers and reduce its ecological footprint. We tried to take empty containers back from customers to sterilize and reuse them. This approach required a lot of vigilance and unfortunately, only a small amount was reusable after all the laborious steps of cleaning, takeoff labels and sterilization. Containers were often damaged, scraped or scratched; they became unsuitable for the resale of new products.

It was then that we opted for a solution of 100% recyclable refill bags, and so we were able to meet the demand of our customers who wanted to reuse their container time and again in order to reduce their waste.

We have established a specific procedure for cleaning and filling containers (it is published on our website) and customers do it themselves! In addition to a reduced environmental impact of 70% thanks to the reduction of transport and the reduction of plastic, customers benefit from a monetary economy by buying our refills. We are very proud to have taken this turn and we can guarantee our customers an as exceptional quality of our products.

Being an innovative and environmentally conscious company, we are also announcing the use of a container made from 100% recycled plastic from the oceans. By using these new containers for our body range, we contribute to the world of tomorrow! All sorts of companies are born from the recycling of this marine plastic, and as for ours, we are proud to contribute to the global solution against pollution by buying these containers coming in addition to a Quebec company!

That's how a company in rural areas was able to stand out without being cold! "

Make the difference too, buy HERBAL PASSION!

Thank you dear customers, believe in us and contribute to a better world.

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