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Quand Ma boîte à luxe rencontre Passion Herbale

When My luxury box meets Passion Herbale

For a few years now, he has released on the market several types of surprise boxes, which we order and receive each month to spoil or spoil one of our loved ones. I personally find the concept really great, these little wonders can discover products of all kinds.

 The one I want to tell you about has a golden concept and clearly deserves to be known. I named: my luxury box. A Quebec company (because we like the local) founded by Amélie & Claudine following the founding of their company BOA bijoux, because they also liked the local and wanted to introduce their customers to local products. They offer a selection of cosmetic, fashion and lifestyle items in their boxes. Each item is carefully selected to showcase the passion, but above all the quality of our beautiful Quebec and Canadian companies.

Cream feet chilly.

 The good news here is that we were lucky, in January 2019, to have our popular warming feet cream in their selection. How to start the year better? We start a new year and say new year, says resolutions (yes, yes I'm going into the subject), but really the best resolution is to take care of yourself by starting to enjoy happiness and love and afford little treats to fill his own heart. So, allow yourself this year a moment of relaxation, treat yourself to a gift, enjoy every moment.

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