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Pourquoi utiliser le sérum Passion herbale ?

Why use Herbal Passion Serum?

Why should I use a serum ?

Which serum to choose?

Does it really work?

All of these are questions that come back to us frequently and today I am going to talk about them to turn these questions into opinions! The serums, in general, are used less than the moisturizing creams although the serums are more unknown, it remains that they are just as important.

Over time, they are gaining popularity as a key part of our morning routine. Serum is the ideal ally against dark circles, redness, pigment spots, rosacea and of course, fine lines around the eyes and lips. The secret behind our Passion Herbale serum is that it nourishes the epidermis and crosses the cutaneous barrier to act directly in the heart of the cells.

In detail: an anti-aging effect, which in fact smoothes wrinkles to give the effect of instant youth. A powerful anti-puffiness, yes ladies our serum will help fade the swelling of the eyelids. A concealer that blurs dark circles under the eyes by increasing the vascularization of the capillaries. A preventive treatment against pigment spots, because we know very well that they appear a few years later, often due to poor protection against the sun.

So the question is, " Why choose the Passion Herbale Avocado serum? »

Our serum is composed of avocado oil rich in vitamins A, B, D, E which penetrates well into the skin to act in depth. Aloe helps firm skin tone. In addition, argan oil is added which will nourish the epidermis by offering tone and radiance to the skin. Rosehip oil, on the other hand, stimulates collagen production, which helps in the prevention of wrinkles. In addition, wild carrot extract has active anti-wrinkle ingredients for an optimal effect.

So, a natural serum made of active and pure ingredients is necessary to offer you and your skin all that is needed to radiate.

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