Why choose a natural deodorant?

Why choose a natural deodorant?

First of all, you must surely ask yourself what is this mode for natural deodorant since the one you use since always does your business ...

Well know that if the natural deodorant has become a must, it is not a coincidence. Real facts explain this craze. For example, cases of breast cancer are exploding from year to year and it is scientifically proven that aluminum salts or zirconium contained in antiperspirants are partly responsible for this cancer. These products prevent the sweat glands from secreting sweat, which is undesirable. In addition, the fragrances used often contain phthalates and parabens, listed by the David Suzuki Foundation as endocrine disruptors (imbalance the functioning of our glands such as thyroid, adrenal, ovaries / testicles, etc.).

Why do we sweat?

This is a perfectly normal phenomenon that serves to regulate our body temperature, but also to evacuate internal toxins. Sweating also balances the PH of the skin, which is vital for her. It also creates a defensive barrier on the skin that protects it, among other things, from the invasion of harmful bacteria for us.

Why do I sweat now, whereas before I did not sweat? And where do the smells come from?

It is quite normal that our degree of perspiration varies according to the different periods of our life. In other words, depending on the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, menopause or andropause, perspiration can change in terms of both quantity and odor. These variations may also depend on the stress experienced, or even on the diet.

Also, we have several bacteria present on our skin (more than 1000 different species), and this, in permanent residence! These bacteria serve to limit the risk of contamination by pathogenic organisms. But this valorous protective role sometimes gives off a nauseating odor! In addition, since our armpits are rich in eccrine and apocrine sweat glands, this results in a mixture of sweat rich in proteins, which they are decomposed by bacteria producing odorous molecules ...

How do our natural deodorants work?

They are composed of natural source ingredients such as: clay, sodium bicarbonate, tapioca and corn starch, and zinc oxide. These ingredients absorb excess sweat. It also adds essential oils with antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antiperspirant properties, to control less pleasant odors! All these ingredients are incorporated into a base of vegetable butters, namely shea and coconut. These butters offer softness and hydration to the skin. In addition, coconut oil controls skin pH and has an antibacterial action. So why not opt ​​for a natural deodorant rather than a commercial antiperspirant that might harm you?

Keep in mind that a deodorant will fight against unpleasant odors, but will not stop you from sweating, which is a great thing, as we explained above. We use natural ingredients in proper dosage, which act as odor absorbent and perspiration regulator, for your greater well-being, and to protect your health.

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