Why choose natural cosmetics?

Why choose natural cosmetics?

Perhaps you have already heard that natural cosmetics are not as effective as conventional cosmetics? Think again because it's far from being the case! Natural cosmetics are distinguished by the quality of their ingredients, their freshness and the manufacturing process that is closer to that used originally. By being closer to the source, are not they closer to our DNA?

Natural cosmetics: better for health

Unfortunately, conventional beauty products suggested in big-box stores or pharmacies, are now full of chemicals often allergenic and not environmentally friendly. This results in a situation similar to the case of food products prepared for sale in supermarkets: numbers of allergies or adverse effects emerge. That's why a lot of people are turning to natural cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics have the particularity of not containing preservatives derived from parabens, allergens, synthetic products, synthetic fragrances or chemical dyes. In addition, they are not tested on laboratory animals. They contain even more active ingredients than traditional ones, especially if they are made from macerates and herbal extracts. They also have the distinction of imitating the natural constituents of the epidermis, instead of disrupting it as can some conventional synthetic ingredients. Better assimilated by the body, care based on natural ingredients penetrate deep into the skin as if they were acting in their natural element. The skin is therefore much more receptive to natural cosmetics. Natural cosmetology uses components such as plant extracts (including medicinal plants), floral waters, vegetable oils, essential oils or soft and natural preservatives.

The effectiveness of plant extracts and essential oils on the body has been known for a long time. By incorporating these ingredients found naturally in the wild at your beauty routine, you will see the difference. Extracts of medicinal plants and essential oils have proven efficacy results equal to or sometimes higher than synthetic ingredients.

Natural cosmetics: scientific research

Today, natural cosmetics manufacturers use plants and essential oils for far more benefits than storing or scenting their products. They have adapted to the needs of consumers reaching a degree of technicality that goes beyond efficiency. Finished the bold textures, strange colors and odors that leave something to be desired!

Research questions, scientists increasingly rename the ingredients from nature by realizing that they have the properties sought by traditional synthesis ingredients. Moreover, it is thanks to these scientific results as well as to our deep knowledge on the medicinal plants that we succeed to manufacture natural cosmetics as powerful as ours, in Passion Herbale. No synthetic fragrance is used, only natural essential oils and plant extracts that provide a fresh, fresh and mild natural odor to all our products. All our textures have been worked to obtain a lightness, a viscosity with a non-greasy effect and pleasant to apply. Even the presentation of the products is exquisite thanks to our graphic designer!

These are just a few reasons that can show you why to use natural cosmetics. Not only for the well-being of your skin, but also for your health by avoiding the constant use of chemical preservatives and synthetic ingredients, which remain stored in the body and which are precursors of many health problems, fertility and cancers. , while doing good to your environment. And yes, when products made from natural ingredients return to the earth and wastewater, they have no harmful effect on our mother earth. In addition, think about the containers that you are offered, reusable with an option of filling using 100% recyclable bags causing 70% less impact of pollution on the environment.

Whether for facials, body or hair, you can easily get 100% natural and Quebec cosmetics such as those offered at Passion Herbale. Make the good choice !

To use a natural cosmetic today, it is to be guaranteed to apply on its skin a product biodegradable, and respectful of the skin and the nature.

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