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Pour l’avenir de notre planète

For the future of our planet

As a natural cosmetics manufacturer, Passion Herbale is above all based on a passion for nature and respect for nature. Of course, you are going to tell us that we still produce garbage, and we will tell you that we are aware of it. That's why, with a lot of time, hindsight and patience, we finally found a way to minimize our ecological footprint.

It has been a year since the beginning of our research and testing to find the solution that, in addition to helping the planet, would be simple for all our customers. In the first place, we are talking about filling. It is obvious that the world is turning more and more towards this option and all the reasons are good for doing so. So, why not join together?

Our team worked on the development of a simple and efficient filling system, both for our customers and for our company. It is important to mention that we design products based on fresh ingredients and that we wanted to eliminate any risk of contamination when filling containers that have already been used. Our solution is an eco-friendly bag system that allows customers to fill their own empty bottles in the comfort of their home.

What are the advantages of this technique?

Here they are :

  • First, once empty, the bag is reusable, recoverable and recyclable. It's a matter of rinsing it and depositing it for recovery.
  • A second very good reason: we have several points of sale in Quebec, and this system will also be offered through them. Once you have bought your container, you can get the refill from the same store or on our website to reuse your original container. This method is therefore accessible to everyone everywhere!
  • In addition, the number of resources used for production is much smaller and more aggressive than a plastic container or other material. The bags use 70% less plastic and pollute the air 7 times less than the production and export of regular containers.
  • Finally, the purchase of the refill is more affordable.

It is with pride and constant innovation that we have arrived at this ecological idea that opens the door to many positive changes for our company. We want to continue our positive contribution to future generations of our planet.

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