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Passion Herbale rencontre Rose Pivoine

Passion Herbale meets Rose Peony

When a fashion enthusiast comes together with the need to make fashion more environmentally friendly and sustainable, we find Peony Rose. This Montreal-based company favors conscious and eco-responsible purchasing. Many companies have put forward the environmental side in the development of their company, but often we find materials used in the making of these so-called local clothing from foreign countries and often even countries where workers do not know respectful and healthy working conditions. The work ethic is also a priority for Carolyne Fabre, the founder.

Whether clothing, accessories and even body products, Rose Pivoine promotes respect for the environment through the selection of local products made with respect for the environment and our natural resources. It favors hemp and flax, which need much less water to grow than cotton, for example. The accessories are made from scraps most often and as far as synthetic materials are concerned, they are "upcycled" materials which actually means that they come from scraps of fabrics that were intended to be thrown away. In this sense, the synthetic materials such as the polyester offered are not derived from virgin petroleum.


"I decided that we had to act and offer truly ecological, natural and locally made clothes"


The company would like to show through its clothes that we can link ecology, quality and style. This Montreal company is quick to see its values ​​of transparency, eco-responsibility, quality and locality of materials. By leaning more on the question, Carolyne discovers quite quickly that the big brands have no real consideration for the environment.


“They manufacture in monumental quantities and burn their excess stock if they have too much of it and the cost of storage is too high. "


A lot of research is being done to find the truly green and local companies to suggest them to their customers. Peony Rose wants to be able to offer the widest variety of products that respect all its basic values ​​as well as to prove that dressing in style is possible in an ecological and local concept. The products it offers have been tested by its team and are of superior quality, to ensure a more sustainable consumption to its consumers.

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