Herbal Passion meets La Borée

Herbal Passion meets La Borée

For a few years now, the ecological movement has been expanding and all the reasons are good to adhere to it, be it food, cosmetics or even clothing.

La Borée was born in 2017, founded by Roxanne Bédard through a need for accomplishment in a project that lives up to its ecological values ​​and the result on the planet. The Montreal-based company, based on change and ecological footprint, brings together all types of people who want to make a difference.

"Boreas is the name of the god of Greek mythology, a child of change. It also represents northern winds, where we see the result of humanitarian decisions on the planet. "

The pride behind this company is the strength it creates by bringing all these people together. Build strong links between partners and collaborators and offer the time to create freely.

"It's a little disconnected as an idea, but it's really about meeting beautiful humans with innovative and stimulating projects and ambitions that make us grow. "

The company offers a very special concept. Yes, recover old clothes, but especially give them a new life. Roxanne and Marie receive the clothes by donations, so the creative possibilities are endless. Textile processing, sewing and printing are the priority in the garment manufacturing process, no part is identical and will never be reproduced in the same way. They also encourage participants such as models for their photos, collaborators and anyone wanting to get involved in creating their own workshop.

The zero waste concept is also a priority, hence the release of their collection of reusable bags, carrying pouches, snack bags and more.


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