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Passion Herbale rencontre Encore Eco

Herbal Passion meets Encore Eco

Encore Eco is a great little Quebec company to discover! At the helm, Marylène gives herself body and soul to help us discover many artisans from Quebec. The main theme being "eco-responsible essentials, the best reusable products to help you consume better on a daily basis".


During one of our meetings, Marylène confided to me that what inspired her to start her business was the fact that she herself had started a few years ago to pay attention to her consumption habits by adopting choices. ecological. She quickly realized that it was not always easy to encourage local people and find good products under one roof. This is what it offers us: a collection of ecological products in the same point of sale (it has several in Quebec) in order to simplify the experience for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a zero-waste lunch box or anything with the least environmental footprint and making our world more sustainable, you'll find your shoe on EncoreEco.ca.

Another factor close to Marylène's heart is buying local. Why? Because buying local allows us to respect the principles of sustainable development, because it creates quality jobs here! This therefore brings as an effect, an economy allowing local economic health. In addition to reducing the number of transports and the distance traveled, giving a direct impact on the reduction of the ecological footprint left. By buying from Quebec, it encourages passionate people! :)

Among its suppliers, Marylène has brought together many Quebec, Canadian and American craftsmen concerned with the environment. Naturally, you will find our range of cosmetic products 100% natural and ecological Passion Herbale!

Visit encoreeco.cait's worth the click!

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