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MON déo coup de coeur

MY favorite deo

Where to start ?

It goes back 5 years for me, where I started to react to almost any product (bad for the skin obviously): soap, shampoo, but especially DEODORANTS. “This is where I started my quest for natural deodorants. You're gonna tell me, but let's see it's not really a quest because natural deodorants just don't work! Yes, I thought that for a while, too, but I gave it a go anyway, for the well-being of my armpits and that of the planet.

I tried many!

 After several tries I started to have a collection in my cupboard, I didn't want to throw out the ones that didn't work so I kept them well strung, one next to the other. It became a bit of a joke for me because nothing was working. Either I had to put on 10x a day, either the texture was sticky or even sometimes the opposite effect happened: I stank ...

I began to doubt the possibility that a natural deodorant is effective. I had even made a little mixture of essential oil + baking soda (for me it did not work again due to my various weekly workouts.) So what solution was available to me?

Shortly after joining the Passion Herbale team, I tried the deodorant Bergamot, Lavender and Rosemary. I thought that one more or less in my collection was not going to change much. Well, I swear I never got rid of it again! I tried in the meantime, but my heart and my armpits were always coming back to that one. After 2 years of use, I still use it and it never let me down. The smell is sweet and subtle, but just powerful enough to cover the sweat. It does not stick and cleans very well. For me, it was a perfect match. And I'm sure many others think like me about this deodorant. I still want to clarify that it is important to test. Remember that our bodies react in a variety of ways. We are all different and our level of sweating, ph of our skin or body odor is not something we all have in common. A devourer for someone can be very effective and for someone else a disaster. Keep in mind that the best way to know if it works is to try it.

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