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Ménopause et peau sèche!

Menopause and dry skin!

At the beginning of my menopause, my skin became dry. So I started using cream  Light Birch Passion that I alternated, according to the seasons, with the cream Shea Rose. Both were very suitable for my skin condition. I used the Shea Rose in the fall and the Birch in the winter, both as a day cream since I haven't yet gotten into the habit of putting on a night cream ... Then, the hormonal system is changing again and again over time, my needs have changed… My skin becoming more and more dry, I started to use the cream Rich Birch Passion for ultra-dry skin, much to my delight! But I must admit that I continue to use the Shea Rose in the fall, I love it too much! Rose Shea cream is also very effective for mature skin thanks to its anti-wrinkle, stain-resistant and softening properties.

Note that in addition to the light Passion Bouleau and Riche Passion Bouleau cream, there is a third one: the Winter birch. I use this last winter, late summer, early fall. In winter, this cream protects me from the effects of cold and wind on my skin, but also the sun since it contains a mineral sunscreen. It is for its sunscreen that I also take it in late summer and early fall; my skin being very dry, it absorbs it very well.

And when I feel that my skin needs a royal treatment (because it becomes very dry after the summer, or during the long cold periods of winter), it is with the Avocado Serum that I treat her. I then use this serum as a night cream all over my face, unlike its usual use which consists of applying it to visible wrinkles, puffy eyelids or dark circles under the eyes. And hop! in a few days, thanks to the shock treatment of the serum in the evening, and the application of the Birch or Rose day cream, my skin is again well hydrated and nourished. I haven't gotten into the habit (yet!) Of using a night cream but if this is your case, once the shock treatment with the serum is finished, you can apply your Riche Passion cream both in the evening and by day, or even the delicious Shea Rose as a night cream!

Some mature skin has small brown spots ... The Wild carrot tonic lotion comes to their aid because it helps to prevent them or to turn them pale. Wild carrot also prevents wrinkles. This product therefore becomes a very interesting anti-aging. But beware !, if you have ultra-dry skin, moderate its use because this lotion absorbs excess sebum.

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