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Ma routine visage d’hiver

My winter face routine

I want to share with you my facial care routine adapted for the cold winter period.

Winter in Quebec, we lack light. Hence the importance of looking for them through healing plants. I share my winter care routine.

First, I do not spend a day without cleaning my face with my 2 1 cleansing milk Chamomile & Honey which reminds me of the sweet sun of summer. In addition to gently dislodge impurities, it effectively removes sensitive eyes. Small amount, mass, then rinse.

Then, a jet of my tonic lotion to the Wild carrot to firm and prevent pigment spots. I spray in the palm of my hand and pats my face gently.

All followed by a drop of my Serum with Avocado that I apply under the eyes to dislodge my eyelids, reduce my dark circles and smooth my small wrinkles. No need to apply more, it is a product so concentrated that it acts almost instantaneous!

In this winter, I apply my cream Light Birch Passion to deeply moisturize my skin and protect my face from bad weather. Its sublime smell of lemon birch reminds me of my youth in Abitibi! Birch is an excellent cell regenerator in addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals.

In the evening, I apply my cream RichBirch Powderin small quantities to feed it deeply. It is the richest of all our moisturizing creams, it contains 50% of vegetable oils with medicinal plant extracts, including argan, rose hip, jojoba, shea butter, white birch, etc.

I can not complete this light capsule without telling you about my Relaxing herbal tea, based on beautiful flowers of the sun (chamomile), oats, lemon balm, coriander and elderberry. I eat these plants full of minerals by infusing daily after dinner. It helps me stay calm and focused, as well as having good digestion. And the whole family benefits because it's a daily sharing!

So here are 6 effective products that will bring you some of the missing light of the Quebec winter!

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