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Ma rencontre avec Sophie Martel

My meeting with Sophie Martel

Sophie Martel, author & spiritual coach:

Passionate about the human and messenger of the soul, at the age of 27 years, she will understand the importance of agreeing time and love for evolution and inner well-being.

« I grasped what I had been reading for the past fifteen years in positive thinking books: everything starts inside us. "

Today she gives great importance to the care of her inner self. The realization of inner well-being and its reflection on his life. Sophie now guides people around her to personal healing at all levels.

Over the years, she is proud to say that she has found her life mission:

« Inspire as many people as possible and accompany them on the path of self-awareness, so that they discover and use their unlimited potential. »

She is the writer of several works: "Open to Life!" ,  

"Gifts for the soul" et "The voice of silence" 

My meeting with Sophie:

"I had been looking for someone who would be able to accompany me in my personal journey and my business process, it was through my friend Jocelyne Patenaude that I met the wonderful Sophie Martel, life coach and massage therapist. I did not know what to expect on my first date, but I wanted to explore further than a business plan, financial goals and marketing strategies!

 I invite you to communicate with Sophie, she will be able to accompany you on your journey and help you surpass yourself. She also leads several workshops on various topics such as letting go, reiki and more according to your needs.

I was so entrenched in my numbers that my heart screamed for help and it is thanks to the accompaniment that Sophie offered me that I was able to find my enlunement. She helped me to make a difference by differentiating Herbal Passion from me.

Succeed in turning problems into challenges! It requires rigor and perseverance, and this is precisely what my coach taught me so well! "

Valerie Pelletier

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