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Lyne Bessette et ses coups de cœur

Lyne Bessette and her favorites

We have been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with Lyne for a few years now. This Canadian athlete is full of dedication and passion for the sports she plays, but also for her community. She is a woman who follows her ambitions and takes action to achieve her dreams. In fact, its deep values ​​correspond precisely to the values ​​of our company: to follow through on its dreams by offering 100% natural products of exceptional quality! From her first meeting with Valérie, founder of Passion Herbale, she already had a lot to say about the local business established in Sutton. 

“Simplicity, attentive staff and attentive to our needs. Ecological products, refined and made with love and passion! A wonderful range of products and a local business. ”

Being involved in sports in the region and in remote areas, we invited Lyne Bessette to talk to us about her favorite products.


Hand and Foot Body Moisturizer

Who does not like to moisturize their hands with a good cream? We offered Lyne this cream the first time and since then she can not live without it.

"That's the kind of thing you always want in your car, which I enjoy using every day. The restorative hand cream, a must summer and winter "

This cream, plantain-based, will help the repair of hands whether caused by manual work, or by the cold in winter. Its texture is fluid and does not leave a greasy effect.


Lipsticks (Coral and Amethyst)

It was last winter that we offered lipsticks to Lyne, initially she was not sure to wear them because she does not wear makeup often! Later, the positive comments she gave us were absolutely charmed.

“Even my boyfriend found him beautiful and that is rare! They light up my smile on rainy days ”

Our lipsticks come in 5 different, highly pigmented shades. In addition to coloring your lips, they are moisturizing and protective thanks to the cocoa butter they contain.


Serum with Avocado

If I understood correctly, I honestly believe that it is his favorite product #1! This is the product she is looking for on a regular basis, and she is right. Its rejuvenating tensor effect is fast and it does not leave a greasy sensation around the eyes. Do you know the importance of using a good eye serum? Here is the article that talks about it.

"It's really in the jars that we find the best ointments. Perfect for my face that loves so much the outdoors. "


Cucumber and green tea shampoo

In the last few months, you have focused on our shampoos and the importance of using natural products for hair health. The presence of sulfate in a shampoo destroys the hair and makes it forked and dry. That's why our shampoos do not contain any!


If you were hesitant to make the jump to try our products, do as Lyne who did not hesitate a second and who is now part of the family Passion Herbale.

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newatlas.studioBeing a person filled with surprises, we are not surprised to learn that she will be a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) nomination in Brome-Missisquoi for the next federal election. She is always committed to 100% in what she does and now wants to give back to her community, to "fight" for the local people and the region she loves so much. This is a new adventure that awaits the athlete and will bring him to surpass himself in a different way. 


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