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L'importance de se laver le visage

The importance of washing your face

The title already says it very well, but you are still going to ask me: yes but I wash my face with water, so why use a cleanser?

I will answer: first of all, the face secretes sebum, which is an oily substance, as everyone knows. The water may seem to cleanse, but I want to clarify that this is only on the surface. The sebum fills the pores of the skin and blocks them, hence the importance of washing your face with a product designed to cleanse deeply.

In my experience, I have often heard people tell me that water is enough to wash my face. Faced with this, my question is: why wash the rest of the body with soap when the face is the part most in contact with the air, pollution, makeup or any other messy element? Honestly, look at it like this: sebum is created naturally, so initially we have a layer of fat on the face. Some people use makeup, in this case we add another layer. There are also the microparticles due to air pollution and the dead cells which accumulate and lodge in the pores of the skin… And you are going to tell me that in the evening, when you want to clean all that, you do not use only water? The health of your skin is not just about the hydration you provide. Yes, without a doubt, it is an important part, but cleaning should be equally important.

Knowing your skin type is very helpful because our routine and the products we are going to use will vary from skin type to skin type. Is it oily, dry, combination, or sensitive and reactive? Oily skin doesn't need a rich cleansing milk to be clean; he will need more a cleaning gel. On the other hand, dry, normal or sensitive skin will be delighted and radiant with this same cleansing milk! It is therefore essential to know his skin type to use the appropriate products to it. I attach great importance to this point because in the past, my skin has received products that did not work at all with my skin type ... to finish with results contrary to those desired. 

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