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I had the chance to test some samples of the company recently Herbal Passion. It is a business of natural biocosmeticslocated in Estrie, which defines itself as serving nature and people. And that Studio Bohos likes.

As this Quebec company offers products for relax the body and mind, I thought of asking her founder, Valérie Pelletier, her little tips to relax this fall. This is what she told us. Some inspirations for a fall ... relaxing!

Do you have a ritual before sleeping? If so, what does it look like?

To have a good night's sleepit is important to prepare the body for rest. After the bustle of supper and the preparation of lunches for the children the next day, I still drink a calming herbal tea Sweet Sleep ou the Relaxante. It helps me to digest and soothe my mind. If time permits, I go out and walk quietly outside. Then I take the time to read or sink a good bath; my moment to me from me! In addition, I respect my internal clock and go to bed around the same time, as often as possible, to keep a good regularity in my nights sleep.

When you have only five minutes to decompress before bed, what do you recommend?

I recommend doing some deep breaths in order to make contact with his body and to empty. You can spray a jet of Antistress drizzle just before and it helps to calm down more quickly. It's the most effective when you have such a tight time.

Passion Herbale offers relaxing mists for the bedroom. Your must for someone a little overwhelmed by his busy autumn would it be?

Definitely the Antistress drizzle which can be easily sprayed on oneself or on the pillow before bedtime. It contains a mixture of soothing essential oils as well as floral essences that work at the vibratory level. Fears, stress or agitation will be reduced with this magic drizzle!

Let's talk herbal tea, what is your favorite, this fall, before sleeping?

To help sleep when you are a light sleeper, I suggest our Sweet Sleep herbal tea based on chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, linden and lemon verbena. These plants allow the body and mind to relax and let go. Sweet to taste, it can be taken at the end of the evening.

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