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Les bienfaits d'un chasse-moustiques naturel sans ingrédients chimiques

The benefits of a natural mosquito repellent without chemical ingredients

Beautiful this long-awaited summer season! Yet, despite the beautiful weather, are you one of those who can not relax because you are the living target of all mosquitoes?

Well you are not the only ones believe me! And when we do research on the subject, we realize that at least 20% of the population is the ultimate prey of our dear mosquitoes. Do you know why? Apparently, this would be due, among other things, to our blood group (group O being the most prone to interest mosquitoes), to our metabolism, to our exercise frequency, to our diet, as well as to certain bacteria found in the surface of our skin, in addition to the color of the clothes we wear ...!

If you are a person who pays attention to what she consumes and what she puts on her skin, you probably will not want to smear yourself with mosquito repellents. DEET (chemical ingredient found in most commercial mosquito repellents). Although this ingredient is considered safe, it remains controversial. It is an irritant that smells bad, damages clothes, backpacks, watches, so maybe it is not the best for our skin? What do you think? I challenge you to spray OFF (family version for children) on your lawn and you will find it yellowed the next morning…

Fortunately, there are completely natural and safe alternatives for us, for our children and our pets. It goes without saying that a natural mosquito repellent based on macerates of medicinal plants and essential oils such as ours, the Stics Hunting, will be seen as a better alternative to preserve our health. Yes, it should be sprayed more frequently. The thing? It's about dragging the bottle with you and spraying it as often as needed. In addition, it smells wonderfully good, does not leave a greasy film on the skin or hair, does not stain clothes, does not damage backpacks or watches, so will not harm our health and that of yours. children! You can even eat your meal right away after applying it to your hair or onto you, without worrying about your smell!

For use on animals, we suggest you do not spray the Stics Hunting directly on the animal (because cats and dogs are ultra sensitive to odors and essential oils), but instead spray it in the palm of your hands and rub the animal behind the ears (the places mosquitoes prefer and that the animal will not lick).

What are the best essential oils to ward off mosquitoes?

Why are these essential oils effective? Quite simply because they are extracted from the same medicinal plants which have developed by themselves, effective means to protect themselves from insects over the course of their evolution. Why not take advantage of it too?

The ideal is to combine them together for a better result. And that's what we offer you at Passion Herbale, in our Stics Hunting.

eucalyptus Eucalyptus radiata OR Eucalyptus citriodora hook oil : it is the first oil recommended as a protector against mosquitoes and ticks (according the EWG organization). Having a strong smell, mosquitoes hate it! In addition, it lasts longer than other essential oils because it is less volatile.

Lemongrass Litsea citrada oil : being controversial by many in terms of its effectiveness in repelling mosquitoes, it is by far the most used in natural products as well as in commercial products in the planetary state: think of mosquito repellent candles. It is recognized thanks to its characteristic and pronounced odor. In fact, it does not remove them completely; it will rather make sure to mask the smells we release and who attracts them to us. In addition, it is said that its effectiveness will be increased when combined with the vanilla. So the perfect duo for the summer remains our coco-vanilla protective cream (to protect yourself from the sun) with our Stics Hunting (to protect yourself from mosquitoes)!

The tea tree (tea tree) Melaleuca alternifolia oil : the medicinal properties of this essential oil are simply spectacular! It is antibacterial (repels bacteria), antifungal (repels fungi) and antiparasitaire (repels unwanted pests) We're talking about pushing back mosquitoes, ticks, spiders and even ants!

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia oil : used as a natural mosquito repellent since the beginning of time. Its smell keeps away mosquitoes, the lice, the Ladybugs, the flies, the mites and fleas. In addition, it is also relaxing, so we can keep our patience with all these critters!

Peppermint Mentha peperita oil : for us, its smell is rather pleasant, but for bugsshe is not at all! Its essential oil allows even kill the larvae mosquitoes on his touch.

Know that there are many other essential oils with very effective repellent properties, it is to try them to discover them.

At Passion Herbale, after 6 years of research and testing to develop the most efficient of natural mosquito repellents, we offer you the Stics Hunting combining an extremely effective synergy of medicinal plants and essential oils with naturally repellent and antiparasitic properties. Not only will you find the oils mentioned above, but we have added other extracts of organic medicinal plants from our gardens, such as tansy Tanacetum vulgare extract, neem Neem extract camomile Matricaria recutita, geranium Pelargonium graveloensEtc. ...

So what do you want better, both for your health and for our planet Earth that we love so much and that we want to preserve?

Valérie Pelletier, accredited naturopathic herbalist

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