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Les 100 à B7 arrive à grand pas! À ne pas manquer avec Lyne Bessette

The 100 at B7 is coming soon! Do not miss with Lyne Bessette

Cycling event par excellence, organized by Lyne Bessette. This race was set up to give to the next. This year, the butterfly chosen by Lyne is her dear friend, Rachel Lauzière, who has cancer. All funds raised will be donated to him to support him in his approach to healing in the hope of living further.

Link to the event: http://100b7.com/

You probably know Lyne Bessette, Canadian cyclist and Olympian champion. But do you know the last woman champion?

This wonderful woman, determined and passionate about everything she undertakes, shares her tastes in terms of beauty products;)
For her, it is essential to respect her values ​​in choosing her beauty routine while buying local and natural. Nothing less!

Discover her favorites Passion Herbale! Here are the products that make it shine at its true value :)

- The serum : she loves it so much! Due to an incomparable sporting experience, his face has often been put to the test during the extreme conditions of winter and summer. Her skin claims it and she feels wonderful with this concentrated pot! Not only does it apply around the eyes and lips in addition to her day cream Shea Rose, but also, it regularly puts it everywhere on his face when he feels the need.
- Lipsticks: tones Amethyst et Coral it's going great! She is not the type of woman to wear makeup frequently, but since she knows our super moisturizing lipsticks made from coconut, cocoa butter and argan oil, she can not do without !
- La Restorative cream for the hands: Lyne who is so sporty challenges her hands daily. Whether cycling, swimming or running, her hands need extremely effective hydration without leaving her hands oily. She found "gloves on her hands" with this plantain cream, comfrey and healing calendula :)
- The Green Tea Cucumber Shampoo : with all the challenges life presents, Lyne needs a shampoo that will leave her hair soft and supple, while nourishing them from root to tip. Our shampoo contains many extracts of fortifying plants which brings volume and shine to him daily.

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of this exceptional athlete? Find out more about her at: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyne_Bessette.

His values ​​speak to you and are you like? Adopt your daily beauty routine:


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