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Le zéro déchet chez Passion Herbale

The zero waste at Passion Herbale

The zero waste movement is raising the awareness of the Quebec and world population. Reuse is giving a second life. Be aware of your personal consumption and improve it to reduce the environmental impact and long-term ecological development.

At Passion Herbale, nature is our passion, without it we would not have our medicinal plants, vegetable oils and any other ingredient we use. So, yes we asked ourselves the question: how to offer our services in a zero waste concept? The answer is not simple. We want continue to offer quality products while respecting the standards of hygiene and cleanliness in the laboratory submitted by Health Canada, so thinking of reusing all the containers sold was for us too delicate compared to the risk of contamination of them. It is by analyzing the situation that we have finally found a solution that will continue to grow over time. Our new Zero Waste concept includes our new bath salt range, which is now available in bulk.

Our bulk products add up more and more, of course including bath salts, our new herbal teas also concocted in our laboratory. Shampoos and conditioner have already been available in bulk for quite some time. The Stiques-Chasse will also be offered in bulk from this summer and many more.

Our intention is to continue to develop bulk products and to encourage the use of the same container purchased from time to time. All products that will be available for filling will be indicated with our Zero Waste logo.

Together we can make a big difference.

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