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Une routine d'été pour le visage simple et naturelle

A simple and natural summer routine for the face

Forget the long and laborious facial treatment routine, which requires 10 different products! Clean your skin well, moisturize it well and protect it well, that's enough.


1- good cleanse his skin with the cleansing gel Green tea (oily / mixed) or the exfoliating cleansing gel Rose (normal).

Why? Removing the excess sebum and toxins that your skin excreted overnight is an essential step in maintaining healthy skin. Stay on the lookout that the majority of the products offered on the market are made from surfactants which strip your beautiful skin ... this removes all its natural sebum, and causes imbalances leading to drying of the skin or, sebum overproduction…

2- tone your skin using the Toning lotion Wild carrot (mixed / normal) or the Chamomile soothing lotion (sensitive / dry).

Why? This step tightens the tissues and rebalances the pH of the skin. It also serves to balance the production of excess sebum.

3- apply a moisturizer day is an important step that should not be overlooked. For the summer, opt for the coco-vanilla protective cream (all skin types) for the days spent outside and the Mattifying Mint Cream (oily / mixed) or the wrinkle cream Wild Rose (normal).

Why? Protect your skin from the harmful effects of pollution or the sun's rays, causing wrinkles and age spots. In addition, the day cream is used to maintain the hydration of your skin and keep it supple.


1- good cleanse and remove makeup with the Chamomile cleansing milk (all skin types).

Why? Removing dirt and makeup is an essential step to maintain healthy skin. Milk will both cleanse and hydrate the skin.  

2- tone your skin by applying the Avocado rejuvenating serum (all skin types) for extreme hydration and deep regeneration work.

Why? Using a serum can be a “must” when our skin is thinner and requires a little more nourishment. This will give it a smoothing effect (in anticipation of the next day) and soothe unwanted blisters.

3- apply a moisturizer at night is an important step that should not be overlooked. For the summer, opt for the rebalancing cream Flower of tea (mixed) or the Shea Rose wrinkle cream (normal).

Why? Preserve your skin from dehydration while maintaining an adequate production of sebum. It is at night that the work of regenerating our cells is most effective. So giving him a good nourishing night cream with anti-aging ingredients will give him a good boost.


1- exfoliate the skin 1 to 2 times a week (depending on your skin type) with the exfoliating cleansing gel Rose (gentle exfoliation) or with theBamboo creamy exfoliant (deep exfoliation).

Why? This step gives your skin a luminous complexion by removing all the dead cells which prevents it from breathing. It is important not to attack the skin, but just to make it breathe by exfoliating it gently. In addition, the exfoliant is beneficial for activating peripheral blood circulation and circulating energy, very gently!

2- the same evening (s) as you exfoliate your skin, nourish your skin deeply with the absorbent clay mask (oily / mixed) or the Cucumber soothing mask (sensitive / dry).

Why? Wearing the mask for 10 to 20 minutes will thoroughly cleanse the skin by removing its impurities, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing it even more.

To conclude:

* In the morning: a cleanser, a lotion and a day cream.

* In the evening: a makeup remover, a serum and a night cream.

* In addition as needed: an exfoliant and a mask.

Lo and behold, hoping this information will help you keep this routine simple and effective!

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