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L’art de fabrication des cosmétiques naturels

The art of making natural cosmetics

Do you use natural beauty products? Do you know the way they are created?

At Passion Herbale, we have nature at heart, we believe that the richness of it should be used by all, considering the results and the effectiveness. It is always with great respect for mother nature that we cultivate and collect our plants used in our products. For more than twelve years now, Valérie and her team have chosen with great care the plants that will be macerated in vegetable oils. This process is a routine that brings us a lot of joy. We consider our work to be art. Pure creation with living elements from nature. Transmit the various properties of plants through facial and body care products that have been designed for your health and that of our planet.

Provide enough plants for the whole year

The picking season begins in the spring and ends in late fall. Over the years, the demand for products has increased a lot and the times of picking have become more frequent. We must plan in advance the quantities to be picked, according to the demand. Since most plants must macerate for at least 3 months to transmit their active properties to vegetable oils, the quantities must be calculated in advance according to the quantity in production of products.

Many of our plants are wild, unpredictable and from year to year the amount may vary. We work with the cycle of seasons and nature. We are not in control of temperatures, rains or any other element that can influence the cultivation and the harvest. We have always been blessed with natural abundance and we thank the earth for that.

When you use Passion Herbale products, you taste this richness, this quality conferred by our beautiful planet. It's a limitless gift that reminds us how much we love our work and reminds us every day why we do it.

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