Tribute to my friend Synthia

Recently, a friend of mine died of cancer. Although we did not see each other often lately, she was very dear to my heart and that's why I want to pay tribute to her.

The beautiful Synthia Harnois, whom I met through my company in 2011, helped me a lot in promoting my range of cosmetics. It all started with the purchase of my Wild Rose face cream, with which she fell in love! She loved the effect of this moisturizer so much that she began to talk about it. And one step at a time, she became one of my Passion Herbal Consultants and contributed to the development of a facial care routine with our range of products.

Knowing this means that every time you make a Passion Herbal facial, you not only give your skin fresh and healthy ingredients, but you soak up the positive energy that the wonderful Synthia leaves us. Cool as a rose and enduring as the warrior.

Synthia left us at the age of 38 years only. Much too young. She is the mother of 2 children who have formed the basis of her life. She fought cancer with one eye that has subsided, then resurfaced as an incurable liver cancer.

For me, it is a precious example of integrity, sharing and faith in a better world. She has always been there to help others and support them in their journey to well-being.

Thank you for sharing these moments of happiness in which we laughed all the 2, while sharing our knowledge in order to offer a 100 care% natural of the highest quality!

Rest in peace Synthia, you deserve it so much.

Your sweetheart,

Valerie xox

View fondation Synthia la Guerrière for more information.

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