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Faire confiance pour vaincre la peur

Trust to overcome fear

With all these upheavals caused by the COVID-19 crisis, both in terms of our lifestyle and our values, we have to adapt to our new life.

I share with you what I have been experiencing for the past 2 weeks, hoping that you will find ways to help you.

For the past 2 weeks, I have received several calls from clients experiencing intense stress situations, no longer knowing what to do to cope with them and regain balance. This pushes me to find solutions as an herbalist-naturopath, but also as a woman, mother and entrepreneur. Since the beginning of the crisis, I have had a very strong call from the heart which brings me back to my mission of first life, which is to help others. My strength is to suggest tools to find well-being and inner balance, while respecting what nature offers us.

I humbly admit that I do not know what to do any more than the others, that I too am afraid of what can happen as much to the health of people, to our Mother Earth, as to our economy resting in large part on the realization of several SMEs which are not necessarily well equipped to face this scourge. Everyone has their story, their fears, their dreams… For my part, I have worked hard to build my business for the past 12 years and I have invested everything (heart, time, family, money…) to make my dream come true. most expensive: helping others by providing them with quality products made from synergies of therapeutic medicinal plants. There are also my 2 teenagers at home, just like yours, who are wondering what will happen to all this and who are also worried ...

My investigative side pushed me to do several research in recent days to learn more about this virus and how to deal with it. I like to join science and naturopathy, which helps me to connect body, soul and spirit. When we are in a state of fear, it becomes difficult to see clearly and make good decisions for ourselves. Almost everyone knows that in the event of upheaval, adopting a positive attitude remains our best asset. But is it simple to apply?

The answer is no, not for everyone. What if I feel scared, that I don't know what Life has in store for me with all these changes? I share my little personal tips, which seem harmless but which are easy to apply to keep your spirits up and soothe the turmoil.

  1. First, give yourself time to digest all these upheavals. Realize that our health and that of every human being on this Earth is more important than anything else. So, breathe, discuss with our loved ones or our friends (by phone) how we feel, get some fresh air, look deep inside for the streak of confidence that is present but sometimes buried far ... Digest and allow yourself time to achieve.
  2. After we have realized what is happening and the seriousness of the events, thank first of all that we are still in good health as well as our family. Gratitude.
  3. When the concerns resurface, take 3 deep breaths and visualize the air that enters and exits slowly from our lungs. Repeat to ourselves that we are guided and that everything will be fine. Trust.
  4. Then when we feel better, make the decisions that are necessary to allow us to function properly during the next year. Plan ahead by doing actions that will help us get through this period better if it turns out to get worse. Get organized.
  5. Then when our cards are placed, take care of yourself and your family. Impose the basic rules to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 1. Sleep well, 2. Eat well, 3. Get good information, 4. Have fun despite the restrictions. Maintain balance.
  6. To help yourself, it is essential to support your immune system. It is well known that a person with a healthy immune system is less likely to catch a virus or the like. Eat raw garlic (as a family is preferable!), Integrate apple cider vinegar, eat green and varied, drink pure water, reduce mucus-forming foods (dairy products, gluten, white sugar …), Reduce coffee and alcohol, etc. are simple tips for maintaining health. Support your immune system.
  7. Take care of your nervous system. Relax more often than usual. To please yourself. Think about yourself without forgetting others. In fact, this is a priority in so many upheavals. If you see that you are sleeping poorly, that you are more irritable and nervous than normal, it is a sign that your nervous system needs support. One of my best tips is to drink calming herbal tea after supper. Calming plants are rich in minerals that help soothe the nerves and sleep better. Take care of your nervous system.

And here are my thoughts of the last days, in all simplicity and sharing.

Do not hesitate to contact one of us at Passion Herbale if you have any questions and would like to know what we can do to help you.

The future belongs to us now, it is up to us to make good use of it and help each other.

Take care of yourself,

Valerie :)

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Lucette Plamondon at

Well done Valérie!
What a beautiful positive message you wrote. You have several talents, including that of writing. You share it with everyone who listens to you.
Thank you for the good advice. They are very appropriate in this time of crisis.
We need people like you.
Your knowledge and skill, not to mention your professionalism are appreciated.
Keep up the good work and good luck in your business.
Lucette Plamondon

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