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Crème hydratante naturelle ou conventionnelle? L'importance de savoir ce que l'on applique sur son corps.

Natural or conventional moisturizing cream? The importance of knowing what you apply to your body.

Let's go back to the base!

We now know that virtually all commercial cosmetics companies use hazardous ingredients to formulate their products. We are talking about petroleum derivatives, parabens or others endocrine disruptors. The popular magazine "Protégez-vous" has also published, to the dismay of these companies, an article following the study conducted on 502 different creams sold on the shelves of pharmacies. 

“Barely 14% of the products evaluated are free from substances potentially harmful to health and the environment. See which are the best body creams among those sold under the brands Attitude, CeraVe, Druide, Mary Kay, Nivea, Vaseline, Yves Rocher and many more. " 

quote from the magazine Protect Yourself

Worse still, several companies claim to be 100% natural, but unfortunately they are not, either through their choice of ingredients or even through their philosophy towards the environment and respect for animals. Most often, these companies manufacture their products according to the production cost (for example, the cold extraction method is laborious and expensive because it requires a lot of manpower), scarcity of good quality ingredients, shelf life of their products, etc.

12 years ago, aware of the damage caused by the harmful ingredients contained in cosmetic products, I launched into the design of healthy body products for the health, the skin and the environment. I completed my studies in herbalism, the wonderful world therapeutic medicinal plants,  and I decided to do things differently. I set myself the challenge of producing high quality products, with only the vegetable ingredients offered by nature. And the challenge did not stop there, I had to work hard to find completely natural solutions for their conservation and the preservation of their healing properties, since products containing real fresh ingredients can easily become contaminated or “go wrong”. Thanks to my studies in pure sciences, month recherches and at several years of tests in development, I found solutions that I am very proud of and that's what you find in the products Herbal Passion

What makes modern ingredients so dangerous for us, the fauna and flora?


This bird unfortunately suffered the effects of oil and has no great power. Do you think it's good for his plumage to end up like this? And yet, we who have the choice, indulge in moisturizing creams that are harmful to the health of our skin ...

Your skin absorbs everything what one puts to him, as well as if one consumed it by the mouth. You would not consciously eat oil, would you? When we buy conventional beauty products, without knowing it, we absorb petroleum products ... in addition to ingredients containing carcinogens, pesticides, toxins that hinder  reproduction / fertility and finally endocrine disruptors who come to unbalance, block, mimic, or unbalance the normal action of our hormones.

It is plasticizers (used to keep soft concrete), degreasers (which are chemicals used to clean the dirt of auto parts) or surfactants (which serve to reduce surface tension in water, as in paints and inks).

So, all these toxic chemicals are found on our skin so in our bodies, in our streams and in our oceans through the evacuation of wastewater, and it is this same water that we consume and give to our children ...

So I leave you to imagine what these products do to your health, to our animal friends and to our fragile environment ...

“Are you looking for a cream without parabens or other endocrine disruptors? "  quote from Protégez-vous magazine. 

We raise our hands and answer PRESENT!

-We have a alternative solution to all these toxic products.

-A solution that offers 100% natural and healthy body products for your skin, the environment and animals.

-A solution with all the ingredients reliable source and that we could even consume!

-A solution that makes sure to stimulate the Quebec economy and to make our world work.

-A solution that offers you to take full advantage of benefits of nature.

You want to live the difference, and make the difference? By taking simple actions like choosing 100% natural cosmetics, you are changing the world little by little!

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