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Cream and autumn care

Cream and autumn care 🍁🍂

Eh! yes, the leaves of the trees began to offer us their palettes of warm and vibrant colors! Nature presents us with so many wonderful shows and various beauties! And we, feminine beauties, we have to change some of our skincare range in this season!

With the weather getting colder, have you thought about swapping your summer cream for a richer one? Shea Rose cream is perfect for this season. Rich shea butter is ideal for the skin because of its regenerative and protective properties (it protects against wind, cold and naturally contains a slight sun protection factor). Plus, if your skin is mature, Shea Rose cream, with its antiride, anti-stain and soothing properties, will fill you!

Our cream Tea Flower is also suitable for autumn time since shea butter is used in its composition. Created, at the base, for the mixed skin since the green tea has the property of moisturizing the dry zones and to matify the fatty zones, the Tea Flower will be very effective for sensitive skin in the cold and wind of autumn.

If at night, cleaning your skin with our rich cleansing-cleansing milk, you notice that this one dried up following the bad weather of Mother Nature, you can apply our serum in night cream. It's ultra efficient! If necessary, you can put it for several days. For my part, I do not use night cream, I just put this serum all over my face when the need arises. The usual use of this excellent product is to apply it on the eye contour, lips and other visible wrinkles. You apply it before your day cream, then in the evening after cleaning your face.

To complete my skin care, I use the exfoliating cleansing gel 1 times / week to remove small dead skin that makes the complexion dull and without radiance. The camomile milk I mentioned earlier, is not suitable for acne and / or oily skin because it is too rich. This gel then becomes the daily cleaning product for these types of skin.

I finish my little missive by proposing the ltonic otion with wild carrot. Summer brought you some small brown spots on the face? This lotion will help to fade them, just like the Shea cream do it too. The wild carrot also has anti-wrinkle properties, making this lotion an excellent anti-aging product. And another anti-aging bonus, it provides an instant tightening effect!

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