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Les CONSEILS BEAUTÉ d'Isabelle, notre chef Esthéticienne

BEAUTY TIPS from Isabelle, our head Esthetician

Les BEAUTY TIPS from our head Esthetician Isabelle | Adopt the right beauty rituals!

Did you know that the basis of healthy skin and a radiant face is hydration ?! Oh yeah! The health of our skin depends on what we give it on the outside, but also on the inside. 💖

Step 1: let's get started with the challenge of drinking our 1,5 liters of water. To make it even more enjoyable, opt for one of our wonderful herbal tea blends proudly designed for you! 👉https://passionherbale.ca/collections/tisanes
Doux Sommeil herbal tea is a soft and comforting floral essential
She is definitely my favorite! In addition to helping me relax in the evening after a beautiful day in Passion Herbale beauty institute 

https://passionherbale.ca/collections/tisanes/products/tisane-doux-sommeil .

Question that we often ask ourselves: when and how should we use our mask?

It is essential to use your mask twice a week. The benefits are numerous: hydrates, closes the pores of the skin, evens out the complexion, nourishes, desensitizes, decongests, soothes, absorbs excess sebum (our clay mask) and above all, restores radiance to the skin.

Method of use for the application of Passion Herbale plumping cucumber mask or absorbent clay.

  1. On perfectly cleansed skin, apply approximately 5 ml of your Herbale passion mask.
  2. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with shower water for a gentle touch of your skin. - Take a small reusable or washable washcloth for the clay one if necessary.
  3. Notice the feeling of well-being and freshness!
  4. Apply your lotion et serum, your eye contour cream and your day or night cream depending on the time of day.

* A little advice from Isabelle: the perfect combination to make with your mask is toexfoliate the same day! The skin is free of dead cells, excess sebum and dust and it breathes. It is therefore in perfect condition for the absorption of the active ingredients, therefore of your MASK, serums, creams.

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Pssst Pssst !!! For those who are ask the question about the nature of his epidermis, his skin needs and to make the right choice of products come see me in Bromont (by appointment) or contact me for an appointment at our institute or by phone 579-436-8814 or directly in by clicking here 

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