Do you know about cucumber and green tea shampoo and conditioner?

Do you know about cucumber and green tea shampoo and conditioner?

I don't know about you, but finding a good natural shampoo that will nourish your hair while making it voluminous and silky is not always child's play. Over the years, I have tried several shampoo brands of different textures, and yet my hair and I were not satisfied! I don't consider having a difficult hair, however it had become an adventure to find THE GOOD shampoo.

During the past year, stress and life events have reduced the quality of my hair. Among other things, I lost them. So I tried the cucumber & green tea shampoo. First, the smell of this shampoo is just divine. It contains nettle and horsetail, two plants known for their nourishing and strengthening properties, which gives healthy hair. I want to say that a small amount is enough even with long hair. After a year of use, I saw a very big difference in the thickness and texture of my hair.

Recipe for optimizing results : Apply the shampoo and let it act in the hair for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

Having a fine hair that mixes very easily, I also started using the conditioner. It has the very rich texture of a hair cream. With my hair type, it is not necessary to use it daily. I apply it on the tip and leave it about two minutes. In addition to unraveling my hair, the conditioner nourishes my tips, which avoids weakening them.

Hair mask : Since the conditioner is very thick, I started using it as a hair mask. I apply on my tips and leave it 30 minutes. I do this little ritual once a week and I really find that my hair has a healthy look. I really could not do without these two extraordinary products!

At Passion Herbale, shampoo and conditioner are also available as a filling. Once your bottle is empty, it is possible to have it filled, which reduces plastic consumption. Don't you live in Sutton? No problem! You can get the bag refills from our website. Once transferred or used, these refills are 100% recyclable.

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