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Connaissez-vous la consoude ?

Do you know comfrey?

Comfrey is a medicinal plant that is one of the miracles!

First, the comfrey Symphytum officinale is one of the first plants to be imported by settlers in Canada. She was at the forefront of their medicinal plants gardens.

Comfrey forms good leafy bunches and is recognized by its long, hairy, rough leaves. Small blue or mauve flowers in the shape of bells appear around this time of the year, ie at the end of June.

Mainly, it is recognized for its powerful healing properties. It is she who will come to "sew up" a cutaneous wound to arrive at its cure. It is so active that it is essential to join it to a plant with antiseptic properties in order to avoid infection! Otherwise, the wound will close very quickly without having been disinfected .... Comfrey also helps to treat fractures and sprains.

The easiest way to use it is to prepare an oily macerate or a liquid concentrate when it is fresh. At Passion Herbale, this is also the path we take to produce our products to make you enjoy the benefits of plants.

Comfrey is an integral part of our powerful Miracle Ointment, in which each of the medicinal plants is selected to work in synergy with the others in order to soothe all forms of itching such as: insect bites, eczema, psoriasis, skin wounds, cracks, minor burns, etc. This ointment also contains an antiseptic plant to prevent the wound from becoming infected before the super comfrey has closed it!

Our Creamy Hands and Feet is also composed of comfrey to give the skin a silky finish and regenerate all possible forms of dryness.

The man of the woods face cream It also contains it to soothe minor irritations caused by shaving. In this cream, it works in symbiosis with calendula and lavender to bring a wonderful velvety finish to the skin and reduce fine lines betraying the signs of aging. Men who try it love it and never do without it.

Why not enjoy it, now that you know its benefits for your skin?

Valérie Pelletier, Accredited Herbalist-Naturopath & President-Founder Passion Herbale

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