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Comment fabrique-t-on un produit corporel naturel à base de plantes?

How is a natural herbal product made?

Customers often ask us how plants are found in our products. It is true that this question arises: how can plants compose a cream?

At Passion Herbale, we work with nature. We respect its natural cycles since we harvest the different parts of the plants when they are ready to be picked. Depending on the time of year, one can harvest either the flowers, flowering tops, leaves, seeds or roots, each of these parts having different therapeutic effects. Some are picked in spring, others in summer or fall, or even after the first frost on the ground. The most important thing is to know what you are harvesting, and to choose the freshest plants possible for a maximum of therapeutic virtues. Hence the importance of having the skills required to know what, when and how to harvest. And at Passion herbale, that's what we have: knowledge and experience.

So to make a cream, it is a question of taking the parts of the plants harvested to prepare an oily macerate. The plants are incorporated into the desired oil, or even the apple cider vinegar, for a period of 3 months. For this process, it is important to choose the best organic oils from first cold pressing, or a premium organic apple cider vinegar made in Quebec. During this maceration, the active ingredients of the plants are transmitted to the oil or vinegar. A rigorous technique is respected during this step, which allows us to preserve all the medicinal properties of the plants, oils and vinegars.

It is when we filter these macerates that it becomes possible to integrate them into our products. Our cosmetics are therefore composed of these macerates and other ingredients 100% natural and healthy for your body. This rather laborious process sets us apart, in addition to bringing a host of beneficial nutrients to your skin!

This method requires patience, know-how and access to high quality medicinal plants. That's why there are not many natural cosmetic companies that make their products using this ancestral method, let alone multinational companies!

 But what is even more unfortunate, and I am sorry to tell you, is that these multinationals will too often choose to manufacture their products according to principles of profitability rather than health. Most even use ingredients that are anything but natural. According to scientific research, they are even harmful and toxic for our environment and our health but they cost next to nothing compared to natural organic ingredients ...

You have the option of choosing what to apply to your skin. And know that everything you put in it is absorbed by your body ...

At Passion Herbale, our products are always fresh in order to preserve all the therapeutic virtues of the plants. All of this we do for your health and your skin!

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